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SAT. DEC. 8, 2018

1:00 pm


Open at 11:00 am 

Trains, BB guns, Toys - Bruner Sale

Preview: Fri. Dec. 7 - 12:30 - 5:00 pm or by appointment


CLICK HERE FOR ONLINE BIDDING https://www.auctionzip.com/auction-catalog/catalog_Q6UMALGKXT

We will start at 1:00 pm with the trains and go in order from 1 - 184

























1 Lionel 675 Engine w/coal car O Gauge
2 Lionel 2026 engine w/coal car O Gauge
3 Lionel 2055 engine w/coal car O Gauge
4 Lionel 2026 engine w/ Pennsylvania coal car O Gauge. Tuscan with gold stripes.
5 Lionel 2026 engine w/ Pennsylvania coal car O Gauge
6 Lionel 1655 engine w/ Lionel Lines Coal Car O Gauge
7 Lionel engine w/coal car O Gauge
8 Lionel Santa Fe GM Type F38 Diesel Electric unit O Gauge
9 Lionel Pennsylvania Railroad 2360 Engine O Gauge. Pennsylvania GG electric locomotive. Tuscan w/gold stripes
10 Lionel Santa Fe engine 218 w/lionel coal car O Gauge
11 Lionel 646 engine w/lionel lines coal car O Gauge
12 Lionel Amtrak 805 Engine O Gauge
13 Lionel 2321 Lackawanna engine O Gauge
14 Lot of 2 Lionel 2559 Baltimore and Ohio Passenger Cars O Gauge. Produced 1957-1958
15 Lionel 400 BNO Baltimore and Ohio Passenger Car O Gauge. Produced 1956-1958
16 Lionel 960 Amtrak engine and 16015 passenger car O Gauge
17 Lionel 2037 engine w/Pennsylvania coal car 2-6-4 locomotive
18 Lionel 681 engine 6-8-16 turbine locomotive
19 Lionel 2020 engine w/ lionel lines coal car 6-8-16 turbine locomotive produced 1947-1949
20 Lionel 218 Santa Fe Engine Lionel diesel switcher. Produced 1959-1963. With Lionel lines coal car 6466 W
21 Lionel #38 water tower in box
22 Lionel Nickel Plate Road Berkshire locomotive and tender 6-38087 in box
23 Lionel 2020 locomotive in box w/ 2466 wx tender w/ box
24 Lionel 2025 locomotive w/box
25 Lionel 6414 Auto Loader with 4 lionel cars. Produced 1955-1966. Evans Auto Loader
26 Lot of 4 cars--Lionel US Railway post office, Sonoco, Lionel 6142, and Lionel WABASH 3424
27 Lot of 4 Caboose--6357, 6047, 6037, and 6357
28 Lot of 4 Caboose--6357, 6257, 6047, and ATSF 9163
29 Lof of 4 MTH Conrail cars--US Mail, Fuel Tender
30 Union Pacific M10005 By Marx tin litho train with 5 cars
31 Lionel 2423 locomotive engine with 3 cars Hillside observation car--2421, 2422, 2429 Lionel passenger line-Plastic
32 Amtrak 8903 engine with 5 passenger cars Plastic
33 Lot of 6 Lionel Cars Providence and Worchester RR, Lionville circus, NY central (2), Lehigh valley, cage car--Plastic
34 Lionel 628-Northern Pacific engine Produced 1956-1957
35 Lionel 2025 engine w/tender
36 Lof of 3 Pullman cars-2430, 2430, 2431
37 Lionel 8142 engine w/Chesapeake and Ohio tender
38 Lionel 2037 engine
39 Lionel 2026 engine
40 Lionel 2032 diesel engine
41 Amtrak 8904 engine and Lionel 2035 engine with damaged coal car
42 Lionel smoke stack in box and lionel dockside switcher in box-2002
43 Lot of 8-Lionel O Gauge cars--Freight carrier-6438, Lehigh Valley, New Haven, Central RR, Bethlehem, NYC, Santa Fe All the way
44 Lot of 8 Lionel cars--ATSF, Clinchfield Cushion car, Atlantic coast line, MKT, Southern Pacific, Lionel lines passenger cars (3)
45 Lot of 9 Lionel 0 Gauge cars--Southern double door box, Burlington Northern flat car, Chesterfield observation car, US Navy, Lines extensions search light car (2), Jersey Central bunk car, Frisco Bulk head, and amtrak
46 Lionel Norfolk Southern SD 40-2 diesel engine in box
47 Lof of 8 Lionel cars--Poultry car, NYC flat car, Reeding reefer, Operating missile car, alaska railroad, animated circus clown car, santa fe single dome tanker, union pacific pullman car
48 Lionel Lackawanna trainmaster diesel locomotive 6-18375
49 Lof of 6 Lionel cars--Southern pacific gondola (2), Morton's billboard hopper, baby ruth, grand trunk gondola, chessy covered hopper
50 Daisy #104 Double barrel BB gun w/ engravings
51 Daisy Model 21 Double Barrel BB Gun with bird dogs
52 Quakenbush 4730 BB gun 1882 Model 83
53 Daisy #25 engraved bb gun-pump
54 TSA Cal 177 BB gun
55 Daidy model 1894 BB Gun Plastic stock
56 Daisy Model 99 BB Gun--RED- Wood Stock
57 Daisy model 21 Double barrel  Plastic stock
58 Crossman model 1077 air gun Plastic stock
59 Daisy model 1894 BB gun Plastic stock
60 Crossman 99 .22cal pellet gun  Wood Stock
61 Daisy Red Ryder No 111 Model 40 BB gun
62 Daisy model 1938 B -- BB gun
63 Daisy 500 Shot Model H Nickel plated BB gun
64 Daisy model 1938 B -- BB gun Wood Stock
65 Daisy model 107 Plastic stock
66 Daisy #25 engraved w/birds and dogs bb gun Plastic stock
67 Crossman Air guns 760 pumpmaster .177 cal pellet plastic
68 Daisy #102 Model 36 500 Shot nickel plated lever action BB gun Wood Stock
69 Daisy model 95B BB gun Wood Stock
70 Daisy Eagle Powerline856 BB gun with scope
71 Daisy #25 Pump BB gun, engraved man hunting w/ dog Plastic stock
72 Crossman air guns model 1077 pellet gun Plastic stock
73 Sears pump BB repeater Wood Stock
74 Black wood stock bb gun
75 Daisy Model H 1908 single shot lever action bb gun Wood Stock
76 Daisy #102 Model 36 lever action bb gun Wood Stock
77 Daisy model 25 pump bb gun w/ gold birds
78 The Hann Swiper BB repeater BB gun Wood Stock
79 Daisy model 95B BB gun Wood stock, CRACKED forearm
80 Daisy No. 25 Pump BB gun wood stock
81 Crossman 2100 Classic .177 caliber pellet/BB repeater Plastic
82 Pump BB gun  wood stock
83 Daisy grizzly model 840 BB gun Plastic Camo Stock
84 Daisy Red Ryder BB Gun Plastic forearm w/wood stock
85 Slavia model 624 BB gun wood stock
86 Daisy #106 BB gun wood stock
87 Daisy Powerline 856 BB gun Wood stock
88 Daisy model 25 bb gun-gold birds plastic stock
89 Daisy #102 model 36 500 shot BB gun wood stock
90 Daisy model 25 pump bb gun Plastic stock
91 Daisy Model 99 BB Gun Wood Stock
92 Daisy model 99 BB Gun-peep sights-missing BB insert wood stock
93 Pellet rifle w/ wood stock
94 Daisy model 1894 BB Gun Wood stock
95 Daisy powerline 901 BB gun Plastic
96 Daisy Red Ryder model 1938 B BB gun
97 Daisy model 96 BB gun  BLUE wood stock
98 Daisy BB gun wood stock
99 Sears model 799 bb gun plastic stock
100 Buddy L 1930 truck Missing Grill-Restored
101 Ertl transtar truck and trailer
102 Nylint metal muscle Harley Davidson truck in box. Sound Machine
103 Buddy L Texaco Gas truck
104 Buddy L 1930's Army truck and trailer-Restored
105 Structo Fire Truck
106 Heiliner earth mover
107 Marx Milk Dairy truck--Restored--missing front grill and bumper
108 Structo farm truck--missing tail gate
109 Structo Highlift dump truck
110 Allied Van Lines moving truck--1950's missing back door
111 Buddy L Red dump truck
112 Structo transport truck
113 Buddy L wrecker truck
114 Tin litho wind up ferris wheel toy
115 Amos and Andy wind up car
116 Marx Old Jalopy wind up car-working with good graphics
117 Alps F-1908 tin litho wind up car--Japan
118 Techno made in Denmark Falck Fire Truck
119 Structo Construction Company Bulldozer
120 Wyandotte ambulance with stretcher and metal man--All Original
121 Lehamm's French wind up car w/ 2 men--Missing Arm
122 Electric Phonograph model 276--Lindstrom
123 Wyandotte model shooting gallery with original gun and dart on card. Key wind. Working. Tin Litho
124 Marx wind up shooting gallery. Tin Litho
125 Marx Jane West moveable cowgirl in box with accessories
126 Marx Josie West moveable cowgirl with accessories
127 Mamod steam tractor
128 Wolverene automatic coal loader--tin litho
129 Lionel multicontrol type zw transformer
130 Lionel multicontrol trainmaster type zw transformer
131 Lionel multicontrol trainmaster type zw transformer
132 Lionel multicontrol transformer no. 1033 with operating instructions and box
133 Lionel multicontrol transformer no. 1034 in box
134 Lionel multicontrol transformer no. 1033 in box
135 Lionel No. 356 Freight Station with box
136 2 Lionel Santa Fe 2383 diesel engines and 1 Santa Fe car
137 Lionel New York Central 2333 and New York 2344 engines
138 Lionel cattle loader with cattle and box car
139 Lackawanna trainmaster diesel locomotive no. 6-18376
140 Lionel GG-1 Pennsylvania Electric engine
141 Williams by Bachman GP-9 Powerd locomotive, GP-9 Dummy Locomotive, and Peter Witt street car
142 Lionel G-12768 Burning Switch Tower in box, Lionel whistling freight shed in box, Lionel powerhouse lock on in box, and Lionel 1531R controller in box
143 Lot of 8-Lionel cars-6 tobacco railroad, 1 Alaska railroad, and Denver mint
144 Lot of 8-Lionel beer cars (4) and tobacco railroad cars (4)
145 Lionel Spirit of '76 locomotive u36B diesel Maryland, Deleware, New Jersey, and Georgia cars and caboose
146 Lot of 8 Lionel cars--4 Illuminated passenger cars, 1 pacemaker car, 1 Fritos car, 1 Major league baseball, and 1 milwauke car
147 Lot of 8 Lionel painted Aluminum Illuminated passenger cars. N&W, Southern Pacific, Alum. Dining car, observation car, passenger car.
148 Lionel Lionmaster Norfolk Souther Diesel locomotive 6-28204
149 Lionel WLLC Radio Station--Real Radio


lionel playworld lionel conrail limited set in box
lionel boys set in box 3 madison cars in boxes
3 lionel illuminated pennsylvania aluminum passanger cars painted aluminum norfolk & western cars in boxes
4 lionel erie lacawanna diesel locomotives in boxes lionel operating cattle car
lionel southern pacific daylight in box ballyhoo bros circus train in box
NJ transit train set in box lionel transfer trucks in boxes
collection of marbles hubley tractors
disney lunch box ertl toys
ammunition hess, bp trucks
markrov pistol airsoft pistol
boyce moto meter leeland motor co. danville, va radiator cap winston, kook, nugrape, champale thermometers
lionel strasburg set in box lots of hotwheels in packages
operating carousel in box lots of train track
manyh transformers tin pennsylvania bavaria train cars
bicycle light american classic bb - crosman pistol
over 150 bb guns 100's of trains
many trains not unboxed yet - will be unboxed on Friday!! john deere peddle car
hurdy gurdy in box 30 gal. crock
southern va. deguard john deere toy corn picker in box
john deee toy combine in box  
oak organ w/stool mahog. clawfoot suite
nice filing chest cabinet walnut cyclinder roll desk
mahog. vanity pullman train
commodore vanderbilt train MANY MORE TRAINS STILL UNBOXING ON FRIDAY!!